Cashback World – Beginners Guide

  • December 6, 2017
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How do I become a member of Cashback World?

  1. Get your invite to Cashback World and register online.
  2. After registering you will receive your Login and Password by Email.
  3. Download and install the Cashback App from Google Play or App Store.
  4. Shake your Mobile Phone for your Cashback World Card.

Where can You Shop?

Find shops on your Cashback App.

  1. Shop at local Cashback World Shops.
  2. Shop at Certain Key accounts.
  3. Online Shopping.

How do I receive Cash Back?

Show your Cashback World Card on your Mobile Phone to the Cashback World Shop after purchasing your product. You will receive between 1%-5% of the purchased amount. You will receive a further 0.5% of the purchasing amount of a person that you referred to Cashback World.

Cash back will accumulate in your Cashback World Back Office until R250.00 and then paid into your bank account on a Tuesday.

Happy Shopping and enjoy your Cash Back!

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