Peet’s Story


Welcome to the Money Back Mentor site. I will be mentoring shoppers worldwide on how to receive cash back on their daily shopping.

Peet’s Story

After school.

My biggest dream was to become at tennis coach. But my dad was a Civil engineer so the family decided that I also had to become an engineer. Needless to say I failed my first year at university. I decided to give it another go and passed my first year engineering. The second year didn’t go well at all and I failed again. Luckily I passed Mathematics II. If you failed twice at university you were forced to leave and I had to do two years of compulsory military training. During my military training I enrolled into a correspondence course and did psychology as a subject. Thus moving away from the exact science which I enjoyed.

After my military training I then complete my BSc degree with Mathematics III, Computer Science III and Psychology III in 1987. During my studies I also still followed my dream and qualified as a professional tennis coach in 1987. I continued my studies and completed my BSc(Hons) degree in Computer Science.

Work career

Started working as a programmer for al large corporate company. Moved from programmer to system analyst and then project manager. After six years my career opportunities became limited and I moved to a smaller more dynamic company as a project manager. After one year the company closed down and I had to find a new job.

I was appointed as a consultant and also did training for the companies customers. I had to do a lot of traveling which meant time away from home. We started a family and it became difficult to always be away from home. One of the local universities then approached me and gave me an opportunity as senior lecturer which I accepted. I lectured project management and a subject called ITSkills. It also gave me the opportunity to focus on my tennis coaching.

I started to realize how imported it is to work for yourself and not for a boss.

Why help people?

As tennis coach and lecturer I have the talent to help and mentor people. The Money Back Mentor site is going to help shopper earn extra money.

The Goal of the Money Back Mentor Site


Help shoppers to find:

  • Good pricing on products.
  • Good quality products.
  • Good Merchants.

Show shoppers how to receive:

  • Cash back.
  • Shopping points.
  • Friendship bonus.


Merchants look for customers (feet) and shoppers. How do they find shoppers? They have to advertise. Their advertising budget is about 12%- 20% of the turnover. They advertise using TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines and HOPE to get shoppers. There is no loyalty in advertising.

Money Back Mentor site will show merchants by using the Simple Idea how to get loyal shoppers with a small percentage of their advertising budget.

Child&Family foundation

Find out how the Child & Family Foundation helps children and families in need around the world.Shoppers become part of helping 65 Child & Family

Shoppers Shop, Benefit and do Good. Shoppers become part of:

  • 65 Child & Family Projects.
  • Active in 32 countries.
  • Over 15 000 beneficiries

Greenfinity Foundation

Learn more about the Greenfinity Foundation’s projects and sustainable protection for the environment.

Shoppers Shop, Benefit and do Good. Shoppers become part of:

  • 23 Greenfinity project
  • Active in 16 countries
  • Reduced


All the best.

Peet du Toit

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