Simple Idea

Simple Idea

Blue Circle

The Blue Circle represents shopping.

  • Shopping will be Worldwide and 24/7.
  • Shopping can not stop.
  • People will always Shop.

The Blue Circle consists of the following: Shoppers, Merchants and Cashback World.


Shopper always look for:

  • Quality
  • Pricing


Merchants look for:

  • Customers (Feet)
  • Shoppers

How do Merchants get new customers?

They have to advertise and have an Advertising Budget.

  • On average, it is about 12%- 20% of the Merchants turnover.
  • Normally done on TV, in Magazines, on Facebook and Radio.
  • Merchants ‘HOPE’ to get those customers.
  • This is no loyalty in advertising. For example if a Super Market advertise a special on Steak, you will go there and purchase the special steak but still do you daily shopping at your local Super Market.

Cashback World

Cashback World has a better way. Cashback World have:

  • Being around since 2003. (14 years)
  • More than 1000 Employees.
  • Head Quarters in 47 Countries.

Cashback World:

  • Forms an Alliance with the Merchant.
  • Asks for a small % of the Merchants Advertising Budget.
  • Negotiate with the Merchant the % of the Advertising Budget according to their industry.
  • 5% for example for perishables up to 20% for Textiles (TV, Car and Kitchen Cupboards).

What happens to say the 5%:

  • 2% goes to Cashback World. 1% for the running costs of the company. 0.5% goes to the Child Foundation and 0.5% goes to the Green Infinite.
  • 3% goes back to the Shopper. Putting the power back to the Shopper.

Shoppers become Loyal Customers and Merchants get repeat business.

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